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Since I still can't post on m_c..
Here's the links for the individual collections from the Venomous Villans. If someone wants to post it over on m_c for me that'd be nice (instead of searching for individual products, click on each characters name to be taken to their collection page)

Dr. Facilier
Evil Queen

Happy shopping!

Glad nothing interests me from this collection so I don't have to deal witht he drama/stress :P

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I feel the same about Heartless too. I LOVE to rock red lipsticks, but I have Russian Red. :( Sooo... I know people said there was enough of a difference, but I just don't know.
I'd get her a blush, but I can't wear normal blush because it makes my cheeks flaky and that's certainly not attractive lol!! Plus a part of me feels like that would be rewarding them for thinking they can just slap a dumb looking image onto a piece of makeup and it'll get bought. :( I thought some of the images were truly terrible.

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