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What goodies were in my mailbox today?!?!
So this was the perfect way to cheer me up after last night, a ridiculously oversized-toogoodtopassup HAULLLL

There was a lovely girl on Specktra who was trying to downsize her collection, so after a few months of sorting through what she has, this is pt 1 of my haul from her with more to come inevitably haha. Lots of rare goodies that I've been dying to try out. I still can't believe my luck :)

I'll be busy playing with these for a while.

Pigments 95% of these look like they're brand new, woot!
Deckchair (for a CP)
All Girl (for a CP)
Dusty Coral
Kelly Green
Ruby Red
Nocturnal Plum
Bright Coral
Royal Blue
Green Brown
Copper (metal)
Coco Beach vial

Diana 150 & 239 brushes (so pretty in person!!)

Putty & Amethyst single eyeshadow

Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder (for a CP)
Soft Dew Beauty Powder (for a CP)

Quads: (L to R)
Liza Eyes: AM
Tease Me...
Colour Scheme 1
Laze Eyes
Tempt Me...
Denim Dish 2
Perverted Pearl

Plusss not pictures but my two R&R blushes finally came (Seduce & Foreplay), the packaging is so luxe feeling! I'm glad I ordered them :)

EDIT: UPS just came, got my Juicy Couture charm from the f&f sale (a hedgehog of course), AND my UD BOS3 which is cuter then I expected!

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they're so much cuter then I thought they'd be!

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