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so apparently I'm banned from m_c.... wtf for?
I guess that's what I get for being nice and helpful. Oh well

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You kidding me? Is it because of the R&R email request post that you posted? WTF that's bullshit.

i assume so, but I haven't had any contact that anything I did was against the rules. Plus the rules state that you can not make a post to contact a small amount of people, however I had over 150 referrals and would NOT call that a small group of people..

retarded if you ask me

Omg murf! I just finally read your icon! That's my fave U2 song XD also, may I friend you here?

YES of course! Acrobat is also love <3

mhm sucks :( message the mac_cos mod and vouch for me! just click on the community profile and message mac admin or w/e

I think I will because it's like... You're SPAM! :( I will at least ask why and say you couldve just be warned...

WTH! They have to at least give you a reason! Maybe it was a mistake and all will be righted? I hope so. They'll have to let you back in, too many people love your pigment samples lol.

What? What happened? I haven't been around for a while :(

we aren't sure why :(

That's ridiculous!! I hope you get un-banned again, I mean if nobody even knows what you did - that sounds to me like you didn't do anything! Or at least, not something anyone would consider ban-worthy, right? Otherwise you'd have known...

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