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Lost pigments :(
miley grrr
Ughhh just double checking my master list against what I physically have, and I discovered that two of my pigments are missing. Their tags are also missing, which means I'm either going crazy or someone took them from me :(

Anyway if anyone has a Gold Mode or Quick Frost pigment that you don't use/need, pleaseeeeee sell me them. I'm so frustrated because I know for a FACT I bought Quick Frost from a lovely girl off m_c and now it's nowhere in sight.

In happier news, major sale update coming today so keep your eyes peeled. Will post it in my journal before I post it to m_c and other communities

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Yeah that might be awkward... I still hope they turn up. Maybe you moved them somewhere and forgot? Not very likely though.. :p

Oh great! I assumed you'd received it, I'm glad you like it :D

I'll definitely let you know if I need more sanitizers! I'm excited to get them, it looks like I can pick up my boxes tomorrow, unless something goes wrong. The rest of my makeup and clothes are in those boxes too, so they better get here O.o

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