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Lost pigments :(
miley grrr
Ughhh just double checking my master list against what I physically have, and I discovered that two of my pigments are missing. Their tags are also missing, which means I'm either going crazy or someone took them from me :(

Anyway if anyone has a Gold Mode or Quick Frost pigment that you don't use/need, pleaseeeeee sell me them. I'm so frustrated because I know for a FACT I bought Quick Frost from a lovely girl off m_c and now it's nowhere in sight.

In happier news, major sale update coming today so keep your eyes peeled. Will post it in my journal before I post it to m_c and other communities

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I'm like excited to see your new sale. Not that I need anything else, but eh.. I trust you when it comes to buying lol

I still havent even seen what I got the LAST time! I had everything sent to CA just in case.

haha you'll be super happy with your other stuff! and it's doubly exciting since I had to send it in two packages due to my mistake :P so it's like christmas, twice!! hehe

when do you leave? are you flying or driving?

LOL I had him open some of the stuff to make sure it got there okay. He was like "WTF is all thi-- YOU HAVE SO MANY OF THESE LITTLE JARS OH MY GOD!" He made a little box with it all, and here I am trying to slim my stash down at home so I'm not bringing as much haha

We leave town Thursday the 2nd. He flies in on the 1st to drive down with me, which is uber exciting. It'll be the longest we've ever been in the car together lol

ps what's your invoice email addy? i invoiced you yesterday at the xlion addy, but i don't think that's the right one lol lol

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