Animal Crossing New Leaf Wish list

Caryn from Hamburg
DS code: 1177-7329-4261
Native Fruit: Apple

What I Want
-Gorgeous Gracie Series (need: Chest, Lamp, Counter, Table)
-Cabin Series
-Sloppy items (not sofa, dresser, bed or tv)
-Marshal's picture
-Mira's picture
-Bianca's picture
-Sea Globe
-Sand Castle
-Anything nature-themed (I already have sprout table, leaf bed, but you get the idea!)

What I Have
-Full Lovely Set
-Full Rococo Set
-Full Minimalist Set
-Full Regal Set
-Full Spooky Set
-Sprout Table
-Sprout Bed
-Aurora Screen
-Cherry Blossom Clock (JP DLC)
-Kagamimochi (JP holiday)
-Hinaningyo (JP Holiday)
-Blossom Lantern (JP DLC)
-Rolling Suitcase
-Cat Tower
-Fireworks Table
-Carp Banner (JP DLC)
-Emperor's Cap (JP holiday)
-Girls Day Updo (JP holiday)
-Perfect Apples

Switching back
Back to using this journal :)

Holiday pigment vial sets!!
Omg I'm so excited, each holiday set includes at LEAST one brand new pigment in them!!! *happy dance*. On the downside, since they're vial sizes, I can't sample them out until I get at least a full jar sized (3 vials) :(

Warm Thrillseekers pigments/glitters US$ 32.50
reflects bronze
most darling-medium brown shimmer
gift o' glamour-pale metallic pink
gold mode
gilded green

Cool Thrillseekers pigments/glitters US$ 32.50
reflects pearl
silver fog
cheers my dear!-pale violet
softwash grey

Smokey Thrillseekers pigments/glitters US$ 32.50
reflects blackened red
jigs & jives-naked taupe
blue brown
dark soul

Plusss the color story portion has 2 new pigments coming out, and the AFTER christmas collection has a new pigment or two. Merry Christmas to me! haha

(no subject)
Rearranging my sale pics, you can ignore this post unless you have suggestions cut because I am courteous of my friend's pages lolCollapse )

Since I still can't post on m_c..
Here's the links for the individual collections from the Venomous Villans. If someone wants to post it over on m_c for me that'd be nice (instead of searching for individual products, click on each characters name to be taken to their collection page)

Dr. Facilier
Evil Queen

Happy shopping!

Glad nothing interests me from this collection so I don't have to deal witht he drama/stress :P

Collection post!!
Pic heavy under the cut! I tried to include everything I could, but I'm sure I left out some of my stuff. Enjoy the MAC p0rn ;)

Holllyyyy moleyCollapse )

R&R Referral Credits update
Last email I forwarded them about 15 of my referral's emails, but they only issued me 12 codes. I sent another email with another set of emails, we'll see what happens and if they'll give me more codes.

UPDATE!: I spent my referral codes on 7 blushes, 4 eyeshadows and a lipgloss. Their lipglosses are OMGAMAZING

What goodies were in my mailbox today?!?!
So this was the perfect way to cheer me up after last night, a ridiculously oversized-toogoodtopassup HAULLLL

There was a lovely girl on Specktra who was trying to downsize her collection, so after a few months of sorting through what she has, this is pt 1 of my haul from her with more to come inevitably haha. Lots of rare goodies that I've been dying to try out. I still can't believe my luck :)

I'll be busy playing with these for a while.

(Details of what I got under the cut!)Collapse )

Plusss not pictures but my two R&R blushes finally came (Seduce & Foreplay), the packaging is so luxe feeling! I'm glad I ordered them :)

EDIT: UPS just came, got my Juicy Couture charm from the f&f sale (a hedgehog of course), AND my UD BOS3 which is cuter then I expected!

so apparently I'm banned from m_c.... wtf for?
I guess that's what I get for being nice and helpful. Oh well

Lost pigments :(
miley grrr
Ughhh just double checking my master list against what I physically have, and I discovered that two of my pigments are missing. Their tags are also missing, which means I'm either going crazy or someone took them from me :(

Anyway if anyone has a Gold Mode or Quick Frost pigment that you don't use/need, pleaseeeeee sell me them. I'm so frustrated because I know for a FACT I bought Quick Frost from a lovely girl off m_c and now it's nowhere in sight.

In happier news, major sale update coming today so keep your eyes peeled. Will post it in my journal before I post it to m_c and other communities


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