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Collection post!!
Pic heavy under the cut! I tried to include everything I could, but I'm sure I left out some of my stuff. Enjoy the MAC p0rn ;)

Eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow Quads

L to R, T to B, had to cut pics in half, so follow rows from 1st into second horizontally
rose is a rose/ noteriety/ stowaways/ diana eyes 1/ diana eyes 2
perverted pearl/ sweet tea/ gentle fume/ chromezone 3/ photorealism/ thunder eyes/ leopard luxe/ neo sic fi

liza eyes AM/ laze eyes/ summerwear/ sweetie cakes/amazon eyes/ denim dish 2/ colour 4/ chill (homemade)

colour scheme 1/ spiced chocolate/ boy beauty/ tempt me/ tease me/ tone grey/ colour 3/ barbie

Misc. eye stuff

Paint Pots!!

Face Stuff


1. Snowscene, White Magic, Nothingless, Backlit, Orangedescence, Ciao Manhattan, Prize Petal, Sock Hop, Shine Manish, Pink Manish, Hush Hush Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Frozen Dream, English Accents, Naked Frost, Bonus Beat, Naked Space, Headliner, Baby Blooms

2. She-Zam, Sigarrimmed, Fashion Scoop, Baby Sparks, Partial To Pink, Smile, Miss Dynamite, Bare Necessity, Moth To Flame, Kitty Kouture, Rags to Riches, Money Honey, Steppin Out, Sweet Tart
Dazzlepuss, Ms. Fizz, Funtabulous, Date Night, Get Rich Quick, Comet Blue


Bottom to Top, L to R

1.Tiger Tiger, Too Fab, VG Gaga, VG Cyndi, Soft Illusion, Fashion Mews, Blood Red
2.Hollywood Nights, Lollipop Loving, Fleshpot, Melrose Mood, Real Doll, Strayin', Nude Rose
3.Ahoy There!, Pervette, The Girl Next Door, Blow Dry, Colour Me Coral, Blooming Lovely, Cute-ster
4.Beigeland, Bubble Gum, Sweet Bits, Sandy B, Primped Up, Petals & Peacocks, Lazy Day
5.Port Red, B-Babe, Shy Girl, Smash Hit, California Dreamin', Beachbound, Big Bow
6.Jazzed, Way To Love, Pink Apertif, 3N, Front Lit, Spice-flower, Pleasureseeker


Alpha Girl, Shell PEarl, Marine Life
Perfect Topping, Cheeky Bronze, Azalea Blossom, Vintage Grape
By Candlelight, Refined, Northern Lights, Blonde
Redhead, Stereo Rose, Sunny By Nature, So Ceylon

Pigment Rack! (it's over 100% full now :(, but only missing 9 pigments!!)

Pride & Joy pigments

Black, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yellow Red


Orgasm, Luster, Angelika, Otherworldlyy, Afterdusk, Prim & Propper
The Perfect Cheek, Strada, Albatross, Oasis, Stark Naked
Rock & Republic Foreplay & Seduce


Traincases (green & pink bins store my pigment boxes)



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no, I bought it off of a lovely lady on Specktra for an amazing price along with Black

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