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Lost pigments :(
miley grrr
Ughhh just double checking my master list against what I physically have, and I discovered that two of my pigments are missing. Their tags are also missing, which means I'm either going crazy or someone took them from me :(

Anyway if anyone has a Gold Mode or Quick Frost pigment that you don't use/need, pleaseeeeee sell me them. I'm so frustrated because I know for a FACT I bought Quick Frost from a lovely girl off m_c and now it's nowhere in sight.

In happier news, major sale update coming today so keep your eyes peeled. Will post it in my journal before I post it to m_c and other communities

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OH NO :( I really hope they turn up somehow, though if their tags are also missing... it sounds more like someone took them :s Does anyone have access?

I'm waiting patiently for those sanitizers and pigment samples.. if all goes well, those boxes my boyfriend's sending from Aus should arrive tomorrow and he said he tucked the package from you inthere so yay not only am I being reunited with a lot of my stuff, but I'm also getting new stuff as well :D

Yeah, not too many people come in and out of mine and my bf's room, but since it's fairly large, it tends to be where everyone hangs out lol. We just went away for a half week vacation and there was a girl dogsitting for us, but I doubt she took them, and she's a long time family friend of my bf's, so I'd hate to accuse her and be wrong :(

I forgot to tell you I got the lipglass like two weeks ago! It looks so pretty in person, I haven't used it yet, but you better believe it'll get some good use out of it hehe.

Eee i hope your stuff arrives asap!!! I love those little sanitizers, let me know if you ever need more in the future! I found out there's a store not too far from me here :)

Yeah that might be awkward... I still hope they turn up. Maybe you moved them somewhere and forgot? Not very likely though.. :p

Oh great! I assumed you'd received it, I'm glad you like it :D

I'll definitely let you know if I need more sanitizers! I'm excited to get them, it looks like I can pick up my boxes tomorrow, unless something goes wrong. The rest of my makeup and clothes are in those boxes too, so they better get here O.o

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